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  Environmental Care Abbey North sits high atop a hill in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, Canada.  
      Care for the Environment    


Since settling in this beautiful Haliburton Highlands countryside, our commitment to attending to our human impact on the natural environment has taken several forms. At Abbey North we use both wind and solar energy to reduce our own impact and are presently installing a larger solar farm. We are also erecting a greenhouse on our property to experiment with year-round gardening to promote local food growing.


Photo by Joe Truss  

Greenhouse dome erected at Abbey North spring 2009 geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com

Through the Abbey Gardens initiative, we are working with a group of concerned residents who have accepted the challenge to work together to make Haliburton County a hub of environmental initiatives and provide a demonstration of what a community can do in response to the challenges of climate change, carbon reduction and greening.

For information about Abbey Gardens, please download our brochure, which outlines our initial concept of what will be done in Haliburton County, and an artist’s rendering of the Abbey Gardens project site.

Haliburton’s Abbey Gardens Project – A Concept Paper

We are also supporting a county-wide effort to green all Sacred Spaces. For information please contact Christine Cullen at 705-854-0362 or by email.

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