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  Deligitimize War Abbey North sits high atop a hill in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, Canada.  
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In 2008 we traveled with colleagues to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit the Eglise du Christ au Congo, a global partner of the United Church of Canada for whom local churches had raised funds. Members of our delegation visited Goma and met women of all ages who are awaiting surgery to repair the terrible damage done by armed militia through rape and mutilation.


Old woman awaiting reconstructive surgery  

Surgeon in his office which doubles as operating room

We also got a close-up view of mining operations in this resource-rich country, and a deeper understanding of the deleterious effects on the local people.


Diamond mine in central Congo where mining is by hand  

Organized mining operations

The devastation suffered by this conflict-ridden country is overwhelming, and we returned with a renewed sense of the importance of seeking new and creative ways to deal with our human conflicts. Our group has since made over 50 presentations to groups about our experiences in the DR Congo, sharing the stories our Congolese friends were so eager that we tell our fellow Canadians.

The early childhood development project in Rwanda aims to demonstrate the power of education to help heal the deep wounds and scars that reveal underlying human conflict, starting in the village with mothers and their babies.



Photos by Joe Truss  


We have met with advocacy groups such as Kairos and Ploughshares to explore ways of collaborating, and welcome ideas from anyone who is committed to the idea of making war illegal and an unacceptable means of resolving human conflict.

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